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What now?

So, the Three Years War is at an end. The peace conference would be interesting. For example, the Russians would surely use their newly acquired Italian provinces as leverage for other, more defensible, concessions.
The big winners were the Russians (obviously) and the British who accomplished their historical objectives of kicking the French out of North America, and India.
The Dutch gained a foothold in West Africa, but would have likely had to return Senegal to the French in return for the fleets, and troops captured by the French navy in the Caribbean.
Frederick held on to Silesia, and got himself a third of Poland so likely came away from the latest round of bloodshed satisfied.
Maria Theresa's primary objective, the recovery of Silesia, eluded her, and Austria was ejected from Italy, but the latter situation seems like it might have been recoverable via post-bellum negotiation with the Russians (most likely at the Ottomans' expense). In Germany the Austrians had also mad…