Over Halfway There!

As the long wait for Pragmatic Sanction to be released by Avalanche Press continues I've been grinding away at the Hundred Years War project.
Here's an update. Another decades-long dream was having a study with display cases full of figures.
The Seven Years War stuff occupied the two cases against one wall (with a few shelves free for players to be named later).

The 28mm collection (with a top shelf earmarked for getting into Malifaux) got their own case a couple of months back.

I'm approaching the point where I can't do any more units using plastic Perry and Fireforge figures (with the odd Perry metal thrown in) and the remainder will have to be metals figures ordered from Foundry.
Here's what's completed so far.
Three units of dismounted English Men at Arms. Two more to go.
Mounted counterparts for the above.
All eight units of Longbows allowed by the "To The Strongest" army lists.
A unit of English Billmen and one of Hobelars. Hank the Fifth in the foreground.
French commanders leading missile troops. For the archers I used the Perry Wars of  The Roses plastics so they'd look distinct from the English Longbows. Lot more crossbows to come (they'll all be Foundry metals).
Another French commander at the head of a unit of Voulgiers (sort of medium spearmen).
Dismounted French Nobles. I distinguish these from Men at Arms by giving the former banners.
The dismounted Men at Arms with the sacred Oriflamme banner to the fore.
Mounted Men at Arms. The Mounted Nobles will have horses with carparisons to distinguish them.

The remaining English Men at Arms are already in process and should be finished by the end of the year. Then it'll be time to send an eye-watering amount of money to the guys at Wargames Foundry.


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